Professional Studio Fashion Photography by ivan Lee

Studio Fashion Photography for Australian label Zaket & Plover

Earlier this year we spent a day in the studio photographing the current range for Australian fashion label Zaket & Plover, ZP weekend & LD&Co. The knitwear specialist labels is designed by Melbourne based Effie Vlahos.

Labels: Zaket & Plover, ZP weekend & LD&Co

Hair & Make-up: Nathalie Prince

Talent: Lisa Carlton & Kaitlin Devine @Brazen

A set was built in our large studio based in West Melbourne for the photo shoot. We had decided on a set instead of a simple white background because commonly used for  fashion catalogue photography.

A set was built in our large studio based in West Melbourne for the photo shoot. We had decided on a set instead of a simple white background because commonly used for fashion catalogue photography.

POD Active K8 Knee brace Product Advertising Photography by ivan Lee

Professional Product Advertising Photography for POD Active 

POD active commissioned Photographer Ivan Lee to photograph there redesigned K8 knee brace. Apart from the standard studio product images, they also required images leading up to the release of the knee brace. 

We spent a day photographing the knee brace on a white background for their catalogue in various angles and configurations and another day in the studio photographing the knee brace on a dark background.

Autoflo Tapware Advertising & Product Photography by ivan Lee

Studio Advertising Photography for Australian Tapware company AutoFlo


Pre Production & Concept for Photography

We were approached to Autoflo to photograph their range of electronic taps to take part in their rebranding with new images to be used in their website & marketing material.

With several taps to be photographed as products on white & a series of stylised images we had to carefully plan the two day studio photo shoot. 

Ivan sketched out a few ideas to help everyone involve visualise each image and once concepts had been approved we had to gather materials for the sets which included staining wooden panels and plinths.

Principle Photography in our West Melbourne Studio

Day 1 was spent photographing the taps on a white background, we photographed around 10 taps  with 3 angles per products

Day 1 was spent photographing the taps on a white background, we photographed around 10 taps  with 3 angles per products

Photographing water with studio flashes with fast enough flash duration takes a bit of work. By using some of the trusted Profoto B1 & D1's we had to work out the right amount of power to get the fastest flash duration - roughly 1/3000th of a second to get pin sharp water splashes. In the past we have photographed liquid with very fast flash duration for wine photography.

A few months after the shoot additional images were required for 2 new products. We looked at a new concept different from the original Photo shoot. A special concrete looking wall was built for us made from a textured wall paper and MDF. With our large inner Melbourne based photographic studio we have the ability to build photography sets.

Why are Quality Product Images Key Drivers of Online Store Engagement? by Nitin Krishna


We live in the age where quality product images are appreciated, and this has led to a new dynamic era around image creation and quality product images. The better the photo, the more it drives an online store engagement, which leads to the question of why quality product images promote online store engagement. In the e-commerce, a reasonable percentage of customers are of the opinion that product photography is very important when it comes to selecting making purchases. Quality of the product image is considered more important than the products’ information. Product photography Melbourne tends to serve the sign industry and to provide top-quality product images, this is because quality product images go a long way to advance our products in order to meet your needs.

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