Why are Quality Product Images Key Drivers of Online Store Engagement? by Nitin Krishna


We live in the age where quality product images are appreciated, and this has led to a new dynamic era around image creation and quality product images. The better the photo, the more it drives an online store engagement, which leads to the question of why quality product images promote online store engagement. In the e-commerce, a reasonable percentage of customers are of the opinion that product photography is very important when it comes to selecting making purchases. Quality of the product image is considered more important than the products’ information. Product photography Melbourne tends to serve the sign industry and to provide top-quality product images, this is because quality product images go a long way to advance our products in order to meet your needs.

Quality product image is the key driver products in an online store; this relates to consumer’s general perception about a brand and influences consumer behavior. Research suggests that consumers’ subjective perception of a brand is the key to marketing, although the primary decision will be influenced by the brands features. Despite the fluctuation in consumers’ life style, quality product images remain the dominant factor of marketing decisions. Product photography Melbourne is established by simply connecting the strong and unique brand association with consumers’ memories about the brand through marketing campaigns, to ensure that the brand knowledge is built and understood even before the consumers could respond positively to the branding campaign of wine bottle photography. Meaning, if consumers can have the knowledge of a brand, thecompany could spend less on such brand extension and achieve higher sales online. The greater the confidence consumers place in a product as a result of quality picture, the more likely they are willing to pay a high price for it.

With the proliferation of brands in online stores today, consumers purchase decisions largely depend on the quality of a particular product image rather than product itself. Hence, if the brand image is consistent with the consumers’ self-concept, the consumers would give a preference to it.When expectation exceeds product performance, satisfaction of customers decreases, with this; online stores could infer the potential influence of brand image strictly on customer satisfaction by identifying perceptual difference between the existing customers and non-users of a brand. Quality product image has an impact on customer satisfaction especially in wine bottle photography, managing quality product images is crucial for an online store engagement as quality products go a long way to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as reduce the risk of losing face.

Online stores can build a reputation for quality by gaining accreditation with recognized quality product photography Melbourne. All what a customer expects is quality products, when they don’t get one; they begin to look for alternatives. Hence, quality is critical to satisfying customers taste and retaining their loyalty so they continue to shop from you subsequently. This can fully be achieved through quality product images in online shopping; it makes an important contribution to long-term revenue as well as profitability. It plays an important role in providing your customers with needed information in making their buying decision, and it also enables you to charge and maintain higher prices.

Importance of Photography in Advertising by Nitin Krishna


Conveying an image is not the aim of a photograph in advertising, rather communication of a message in the form of real feelings and thoughts is what makes up the core of this activity. Nonverbal communication forms 93 percent of all types of communication in today’s hi-tech world. This promotes the application of photography as a crucial mode of visual contact with the target audience along with some text. In the era of 2000s, the number of ads witnessed by a customer has increased by ten times as compared to the same in 1970s, thus paving the way for just such imagery which not only catches the eye of the potential client but is also retained by him for some reasonable time. The characters displayed in an image directs the mind of the audience towards the target market, and the content highlights the real core meaning of the whole advertisement. The type of characters selected in the ad and the level of their communication can project an assessment in the mind of the audience regarding the quality of the product being offered as well as the caliber of the business organization behind the advertisement.

The famous proverb that a picture is worth a thousand words appears to be operating at its best in the visual communication undertaken by the marketing campaigns of small and giant business companies. Analysis reflect that the billions of dollars expended by Coca-Cola and Pepsi go a long way in promoting the products and in bolstering the two companies as the soft drink industry giants globally. Today, one and a half billion units of content are being shared online as the marketers are trying their best to capture the attention of the audience and it must be realized that the photographic content does increase the number of viewers by 80 percent. The human mind has its limitations

since it can process a certain amount of data within a specific time. The data that can be managed rapidly comprises the imagery which affords photography a highly valuable place in the advertising world. The visual content can acquire the status for becoming viral provided it is appreciated enough to be shared by the social networks and online communities. Of course, this helps in building corporate integrity, brand credibility and loyalty of the customer for the product, advertising photographer and the associated company.

Dynamism, timelessness and emotionalism are strong features of such brands which have been marketed through photographic phenomenon. The level of understanding developed within the consciousness of the target audience is beyond that inducted by any other variety of approach towards the viewers. In the modern age the definition of a brand is preceded by experiential learning. Favorable responses increase by 40% for those visual content in comparison to text based information. Facebook campaigns generate 65 % more involvement with the information with photo content relative to the data that is without pictures and the same applies to the tweets approximately. Humans in general form snap judgments and therefore a professionally grounded imagery builds and promotes trust inside the consumer market. Photography places the audience in the shoes of the characters in the ads and thus eventually increases the probability of the product or service being purchased by them within reasonable time period and repeatedly.

An advertising photographer must collect details from the client about how to shoot photographs. Photo retouching and post production work are included within the job description of an advertising photographer. Some courses or a degree in photography is usually attained by the advertising photographer in view of the cut throat competition in the job market. Average salary for a photographer stands at 36,000 US dollars within the United States and they mostly find jobs with the advertising agencies though some work as free lancers, however, we are yet to find average figures for the salaries made by advertising photographers in Melbourne.

How Can Professional Photography Boost Your Brand? by Nitin Krishna


How a business presents itself bridges a thin line between success and failure, a buttoned up package through professional photo Melbourne, exposes to a client that we value our brand. Photographers play a vital role in branding, how you brand your business, from your logo to business cards, affects a buyer’s decision to a great extent whether to work with you or not. Branding is irrelevant without professional photography Melbourne; there is no amount of money that you spend on an amazing branding that can make a difference if your images are not where they need to be for a particular client, images always come first,

There may not be too much difference between a personal and professional branding however, professional brand is what matters to a networking contact, potential employer, or anyone who can grow your career or help you find a job. It is not merely a case of making sure that your brand reflects who you are as a person, it is also about making sure that the information available about your brand online is available, visible and relevant to where you are in your career and where you desire to go next. Professional portrait photography Melbourne is everywhere; hence, professional photography Melbourne has created a chance for brands to expand their marketing skills. It has also provided an avenue for brands to exhibit their work online through professional photography, amassing interested viewers from friends, family, and the community at large. The ability to take advantage of our image-laden world is important and helps to establish personal brands, having the right imagery to complement brands increases recognition, and captures the attention of many customers.

However, it is important to consider the kind of imagery that will go with a brand name, and also how to use the imagery to its best effect. Due to the fact that visuals play a common role in everyday life, it is important to use professional photography Melbourne to establish a connection with viewers and customers. By capturing a customer’s interest and creating a connection, you indirectly make a way for viewers to form a deeper attachment to your brand. When selecting professional photography, it is important to analyze what kind of market you find yourself and whether the set of images are capable of conveying your brand and its mission. It is therefore important to select photographs that are creative and in-line with your industry so customers and viewers can get a sense of what you do and how you do them.

Consistency in professional photographic styling is a key point to consider before establishing your brand imagery. Using a similar style for your brands can help boost how well they are received and how recognizable they tend to be, generally, visual effect helps to build a brand and also help to increase recognition by prospective employers and career contacts. While the styling of the image is important, its technical side can make or break the success of the professional portrait photography Melbourne. There are several elements which impact how well a photograph will enhance a brand’s image, keeping a consistent style as well as an overall look is important to maintaining brand recognition.

4 Ways Good Photography Can Boost Your Sales by Nitin Krishna


Have you ever noticed that Uber Eats take photos of all the food advertised on their app rather than leave it up to the individual restaurants? They’re not the only ones, either. Many businesses, whether they’re ecommerce, a bricks and mortar store or providing a service, ensure that their photography is of the highest quality.

What do these businesses all have in common? They’ve discovered that good quality photography can have a huge impact on the success of their sales and marketing campaigns. If you want to discover how it can boost your sales, too, keep reading to find out.

1. ‘Real’ photography reinforces trust

Stock images are useful, but most shoppers can spot them from a mile away. As an example, if you are advertising your restaurant online, potential customers will want to see genuine images of your meals. If they visited to find out your food looked nothing like what you were advertising, they would be disappointed and far more likely to leave a negative review.

On the other hand, if you advertise with real pictures, they know exactly what they’re getting. Your patrons will be more likely to leave positive reviews and other potential guests will be more likely to trust what they’re seeing. The same can be applied to ecommerce or any other businesses selling tangible products.

2. Consistent imagery helps with brand recognition

Brand recognition helps businesses launch new products and services. It also drives consumer’s decisions when differentiating between competing companies. When it comes to the online marketing space, consumers are visual, which means that a key ingredient to brand recognition is consistent imagery.

If you search online for stock photography, you will quickly find that many photographers use different styles. Depth of field, motion blur, flash, even different angles can dramatically affect the style of picture you receive, and mixing them can be jarring to consumers. Instead, choose a style that best highlights your products and it will become part of your brand identity.

3. Good quality images shows professionalism

If you are taking your own photographs, don’t take them on your smartphone. While the cameras are good enough for the odd selfie, they’re not that great for your online marketing. As an example, if you are taking images for your ecommerce website, it’s important to make sure your file sizes are large enough for customers to be able to zoom in on the product.

The zoom functionality on ecommerce websites has been linked to increased conversions, as it mimics a customer being able to pick something up in a bricks and mortar store and hold it up to their nose. Blurry images will look unprofessional and potentially lead to missed opportunities.

4. Good pictures can grab attention

A picture says 1000 words, but if you want the picture to say something specific, that’s where an experienced photographer is necessary. Images can be used strategically in advertising in order to draw attention to your product or your copy. How this occurs depends on the placement of your product in the image, as well as angles, blur, depth of field and other features.

You’re an expert in your field. You want your customers to know that, but you need to grab their attention first. That’s why choosing an experienced photographer is key to ensuring the success of your campaigns. With 15 years of experience, IJ Productions know how to take a good photograph. If you want to make sure your images are hitting all four of these key components, get in touch with us today.