Product Photography: The process in achieving outstanding images

Product Photography and What is Involved in Producing Quality Images

Great product photography isn’t as easy as just simple lighting and just taking a photo. Many things have to be considered including shadow/highlight detail, tonal range and best camera angle.

With years of experience as a specialist product photographer I know what is required to make a great image. From wine bottles to large machines to watches every item requires it’s own lighting technique to produce an eye catching photograph.

Over the years I’ve invested a great deal into having the best camera and lighting equipment for studio and location photography. It’s reassuring to know high calibre images can be produced in the studio or out on location.

Product Catalogue Photography for Web and Print

The majority of the time images for web and catalogue are required on a white background for contouring and simple presentation. Our Melbourne studio (Glow Studios)  has a large cyclorama capable of photographing cars, furniture and set builds.

I have taken into consideration the portability of lighting equipment, that is why I’m are able to take enough high power studio lighting on location.  The most common lighting kit for photographers is 2x 500w mono lights, my location lighting kit includes

  •   2400w Elinchrom floor pack
  • 2x 1200w Elinchrom floor packs
  • 1200w Profoto battery powered flash kit.
  • 1200w Profoto mono light
  • 600w Profoto mono light
  • 500w Elinchrom BRXi mono light

Product photography is technical and requires the right light modifier and  enough power output from the lights to help shape the item.

The Quoting Process

Most times I can quote a photo shoot with enough information from the client without seeing the product before hand. The information I would need:

  • What needs to be photographed
  • Do we need a Stylist
  • How many angles per item
  • Usage of images
  • Where will the shoot take place (studio or location)
  • Any retouching or colour matching required

Post Production and Digital Retouching

It is critical to get it right in camera during capture rather than to just retouch the image because of the added cost of digital retouching. With over 10 years of experience as a Photographer I know how to capture your product in its best light no matter the circumstances but if retouching is required I have a selection of top retouchers that I can rely on depending client budgets and requirements. Fast turn around times are possible but needs to be discussed before hand.

Feel free to contact me directly for a quote for any photo shoots you might have in the near future.

Ivan Lee of IJ Productions

ivan Lee