Location Portrait Photography

Photography for Corporate Head Shots, Model Portfolios and Portraits on location.

For lighting on location to not draw attention to it self, it should not be obvious to the viewer and not over power the sun. Sometimes for more drama I do over power the sun with artificial light in the form of powerful flash equipment and fast shutter speeds to change the mood but most times artificial lighting is used only as a fill and ambient daylight is the main light.

There is no one solution for lighting that a Photographer can apply to every photo shoot but the Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS) method works 99% of the time. I use battery-powered flash units (Profoto B2) on location over Speed lights from Canon or Nikon because of the greater power output and larger capacity batteries. The only negative side is the weight compared to Speed Lights; The Profoto B2 1200W battery pack with SLA battery weighs in a whopping 12kgs. A strong reliable Photographer Assistant who knows how to adjust the lights and a strong Light stand such as a C-Stand is a must.

I rarely ever use reflectors as I’ve discovered before in past photo shoots, it caused the subject to squint their eyes when you bounce light from the sun into them and with Melbourne’s unpredictable weather I am never guaranteed constant sun.


A proper light modifier is also critical for the look and feel I try and achieve. An Octagonal soft box is the best all rounder light compared to a soft light reflector otherwise known as a Beauty Dish, which is a broad hard light that’s not so great for older people as it shows every wrinkle.

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