Jacqueline Hick Portrait Photography

Creative Hair and Make-up: Nathalie Prince
Talent: Jacqueline Hick (FRM)



  • Rim lights: 2x Strip soft boxes and an over head beauty dish powered by the Elinchrom 202 floor pack. The lights point just behind the model to give an edge light around her.
  • Broncolor Silver beauty dish with tracing paper diffuser between the photographer and model approx. 1 metre above her. The silver beauty dish is a very hard light that helps create shadows found under her chin. Beauty dish is powered by Broncolor Mobil battery pack
  • 2 metre Westcott Parabolic umbrella with Paul C Buff diffuser powered by the elinchrom 2400 Digital RX floor pack. This soft diffuse light gives the skin its glow and creates a massive highlight in the eye.
  • black card along the side helps control the fill from over lighting the face.

Equipment List: Canon 5D MKII w/ 100mm 2.8 Macro,  Elinchrom & Broncolor Lighting


ivan Lee