Advertising Fashion Photography for Vigorella Womens Wear

Fashion Photography for Australian Fashion Label Vigorella

Client: Vigorella
Location: Magic Malindi, Montville Queensland
Talent: Dani Byrnes & Avriel
Hair & Make-up: Nathalie Prince

The crew flew up to the Sunshine Coast from Melbourne. We all stayed at Magic Malindi and spent a day photographing around the property and in the house. The next day before heading to the airport we stopped by a beach near Sunshine Coast Airport.

It’s the first time we have photographed a collection for Vigorella out of Victoria, it had to be done because with fashion we always photograph 1 season ahead (in winter we photograph the summer range and in summer we photograph the winter range).

Fashion Photography on Location with Priolite MB500

The size of these heads is just a bit larger than the Profoto B1, The battery life also lasted just as long as the Profoto unit. The issues I had with the Priolite was the radio trigger not hyper syncing on the Canon 5D MKII- sync speed maxed out at 1/200th sec. I also used the same trigger on the Hasselblad via a sync lead connected to the radio trigger, it didn’t work so well because the trigger doesn’t sit into the H4D hotshot and kept falling off; a simple radio trigger would have sorted out that problem but it wasn’t supplied this time.

As mainly a Profoto and Elinchrom user, I didn’t have many Bowens mount modifiers but I did have a Bowens to Elinchrom adapter which didn’t work so well because it made the flash tube sit further back and it was black. It felt like I lost at least a 1 stop of power when using the 60×90 soft box compared to using the same soft box with the Elinchrom BXRI500.

Overall I thought the Priolite battery powered location lighting kit was very  capable worth considering for photographers who use the Bowens mount system (Bowens, Chinese made lights, Hensel).

Special thanks to Kudos Cameras for lending us a set of Priolite MB500 battery powered flashes

ivan Lee